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Salame piccante with avocado and mozzarella


This is one spicy chap. Luckily, the avocado and mozzarella can take the heat and keep the situation under control.


Serves six

16 slices of salame piccante (or other spicy salami)

2 avocado

1 large mozzarella ball

4 olive ciabatta rolls

There's not a lot to this sarnie, it's more of an assembly job, which makes it ideal for lunch at the office and will have your colleagues ogling over in no time.

Slice the ciabatta open lengthways and butter both sides. Layer 4 slices of salami on the bottom half of each roll.

Chop each avocado in half and remove the stones. Slice each half into about 5 pieces and place on top of the salami.

Cut the mozzarella into 12, divide between the rolls and close up shop.

You can put this into a sandwich toaster for a couple of minutes if you fancy it. As it warms up the salami's oils ooze out and soften the inside whilst the crust gets all crispy.

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